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We will ship your order the same day if:

You have your order and payment is made via Visa 16:00.
All products of your order are in stock.
If the delivery address is in the Netherlands.
What is the delivery of products that are not available?
Because we not only sell online you may find that your stock is not entirely consistent with our physical inventory.
This may happen that you have a product or can be ordered through our webshop but this unfortunately is no longer available. In this case we already send the rest of your order and take the latest one working day after an e-mail contact you to report any missing product to your order.
You can then specify the replacement product you want to get redirected. Naturally, the cost of redirection for our bill.
NOTE: In the above example, it is usually a liquid flavor that is not available at that time.

Delivery method:
The verzendigen be carried by TNT.

- Letter Mail in the Netherlands;-
- Registered in the Netherlands;

* Signature includes postage: Signature on delivery, track and trace, to € 500, - assured.

All products can be sent by letter. We may send your ordered products in multiple envelopes.

We do not send outside the Netherlands.