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Differences in types of e-cigarette explained

Differences in types of e-cigarette explained

"I can no longer see the forest through the trees!" This is a frequently heard reason for smokers not to switch to electric cigarettes. Transfers are overloaded with differences in the many types of e-cigarettes you can buy. The world of vapors seems to be shrouded in a thick mist that you can not see through with fog lights. With this list of different models of electric cigarettes you can finally get a clear view on the choice of e-cigarettes.

Note: We only provide information about differences in the types of e-cigarettes, it is not intended to promote specific products.

  • Disposable e-cigarettes: The shape resembles a normal cigarette, the flavors and characteristics are similar to cigarettes. For many uses they are rather harmful because they are disposable.
  • E-Sisha Pen: In many ways, this e-cigarette looks like the disposable cigarette, but without nicotine. It is a new form of the traditional Hookah.
  • Rechargeable e-cigarettes: The size is usually somewhat larger than a disposable item. The battery can be recharged and the e-liquid can be refilled with cartridges. Many switchers choose this model.
  • Hybrid e-cigarettes: The operation is very similar to the rechargeable e-cigarette, but the model is very different. In addition to former smokers, many new vapors are also chosen for this type.
  • PV electric cigarettes: The Personal Vaporizer has few similarities with a traditional cigarette. Depending on the type, there are advanced setting options such as temperature and amount of vapor.
  • APV electric cigarettes: These products are available as boxmod or tubemod models. They offer the most setting options for serious vapors.
  • Mechanical mods: These e-cigarettes often have the shape of a tubemod, and offer many possibilities. You can extend them to your preference, but the chance of incorrect use is considerably higher.
  • E-cigar: Like other e-cigarettes but in the form of a cigar, cigar flavors are the most popular.
  • E-Pipe: Again an e-cigarette, but this time in the form of a pipe, with the same characteristics and way of use.

These are the main types and differences among the many types of e-cigarettes currently available. Ask the specialist about the product that best fits your needs.