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Direct Lung by Sub-Ohm vaping

Direct Lung by Sub-Ohm vaping

Electric cigarettes work on the basis of evaporation by generating heat. This requires a resistance. The lower the resistance, the greater the amount of vapor. This allows you to catch up, directly in the lungs. Direct Lung by Sub-Ohm vapors requires the right equipment, otherwise the result may not be optimal and even dangerous. Therefore read this page before you start using DTL with Sub-Ohm vapors.

Note: We only give advice about Direct Lung by Sub-Ohm vapors, it is not a recommendation to try this type of electric smoking yourself.


MTL stands for Mouth To Lung, this is similar to a normal cigarette smoking. DTL stands for Direct To Lung, this is similar to smoking a hookah. In both cases, vapor is released, but the experience of vapors will be different. Because of the experiments that users themselves have carried out, manufacturers decided to offer products that make Direct Lung safe and responsible by Sub-Ohm vapors.

How does Direct Lung work through Sub-Ohm vapors?

With Sub-Ohm vapors the resistance is lower than 1 Ohm. A higher pressure is created with which a larger quantity of vapor is produced. The electric cigarette (usually a boxmod) needs a wattage of at least 20 watts, preferably higher. You can not just apply this method with a standard e-cigarette, the battery is not calculated. In addition, unexpected consequences may arise.

  • You should know this about Sub-Ohmen
  • The temperature of the vapor at Sub-Ohms is higher than with normal vapors.
  • You can not just use a normal e-cigarette for sub-Ohm vapors, all elements must be matched.
  • Also keep in mind the right e-liquid to prevent splashing and other unpleasant situations.
  • This method of vapors is particularly suitable for experienced vaporizers, or people who have experience with a water pipe.