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Disposable e-cigarette

Disposable e-cigarette

Normal cigarettes are disposable products, when they are smoked you have nothing left. Electric cigarettes last much longer because loose parts can be replaced. Yet you can also buy a disposable e-cigarette in the store. Why would you buy a device that can go into the bin after a few days (please note, there is a battery in it!)? Or can you better spend a little more on a mod or box mod that you can use for much longer?

Note: This item is not intended as sales advice for or against disposable e-cigarettes. It serves purely for information for the consumer.

Why buy a disposable e-cigarette?

If you want the same ease of use of a normal cigarette, but want to stop smoking, a disposable e-cigarette is a logical choice. They have a useful life comparable to a few packets of cigarettes. They often look like cigarettes and you can buy them in variants with or without nicotine. You do not have to go online, they are for sale at the well-known outlets where you can also get a packet of cigarettes.

When not to buy a disposable e-cigarette?

To try as an smoker how an electric cigarette works, a disposable e-cigarette is a logical choice. But you are limited in the possibilities, it is in fact a standard experience. With mods and boxmods you can compose many more aspects of vapors according to your preferences, such as the amount of vapor, the temperature, the amount of nicotine or a taste. The initial costs are obviously higher, but you will earn back soon. For environmental reasons it is also a waste to throw away so much material including batteries.


If you want to switch from smoking to fumes, you can use a disposable e-cigarette to test whether it is for you. You save costs, but when you continue with the frying, a refillable electric cigarette will quickly become cheaper.