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DIY tools

DIY tools

It is very normal to roll a cigarette yourself, while cigarettes have been available for a long time. You can also make your own e-cigarettes, or at least some DIY tools for your e-cigarette. You can do it yourself because you want to keep full control over your vapor experience, or just to see how it works. You will not save a lot of money, but your own DIY tools make fumes a lot more personal.

Note: There are risks associated with homemade products for e-cigarettes. Always pay attention to electrical equipment. We only give information and prices no specific products.

Which DIY tools do you need for e-cigarettes?

We are not going to tell you how to solder a battery, you can leave that to the professionals. It is possible to turn coils or to make e-liquid yourself. Unfortunately, we can not explain in a few sentences how to put DIY tools together, but we give an overview of the tools you can use to get started:

Make coils

  • As a computer software you can download Steam Engine.
  • You need several small screwdrivers for the evaporator.
  • With the evaporator on a stand you can wrap more easily.
  • Heat the filament with a small burner to soften the metal.
  • You can cut the wire to size using a wire cutter or nail clipper.
  • Cut the wick with a sharp scissors.
  • The coil wraps around a wrapping bar.
  • You can squeeze the coil into the correct shape with tweezers or flat jaws.
  • More the coil resistance with an Ohm meter.

Making E-liquid

  • Juice Grinder is popular software for self-e-liquid making.
  • Work with latex gloves for optimum hygiene.
  • With an ultrasonic cleaner you can not only clean but also mix liquids.
  • Keep paper towels ready to avoid a mess.
  • You need an assortment of bottles with pipette.
  • Mix with a small mixer.
  • Mix with syringes with a blunt needle.

Always work in a clean environment where you are not disturbed, successful with your new DIY tools!