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DIY with the e-cigarette hardware

DIY with the e-cigarette hardware

You can become addicted to many things, such as nicotine or alcohol. Do-it-yourself projects can also be extremely addictive. How about DIY with the e-cigarette hardware? Not only can you make unique coils, but for certain high-end evaporators, no standard coils can be purchased. You can read how it works and what is possible on this page.

Note: Experimenting yourself with do-it-yourself hardware can be risky. Be careful and pay attention to the electricity. We do not recommend that you make your own coils yourself, we only provide information about it.

Why DIY with the e-cigarette hardware?

In principle, it is possible to save money with homemade hardware for e-cigarettes. But you will have to run a lot of coils, and have to sacrifice a lot of free time. It is primarily a way to get to know all facets of vape, and to have full control over all aspects of vapors. You do not need so many DIY tools, but a little technical insight and a lot of patience.

Difference between hardware and software

At DIY with the e-cigarette hardware we are talking about the coils, which you can make yourself. With software, it concerns the e-liquid that you can compile entirely to your own taste. You start with an evaporator that is fed with a battery. By using different coils and other compositions of e-liquid you can create completely different vapor experiences.

Is DIY with the e-cigarette hardware better than buying?

In the early days of electric smoking, homemade products were often better, nowadays excellent coils and e-liquids are available. But when you have special equipment for specific fumes, there are often no standard options available. You will therefore have to work yourself to achieve the best result.

Conclusion: DIY with the e-cigarette hardware is certainly not a bitter necessity, it is a sweet temptation!