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Doden in VS door illegale e-liquids

It was in the news all the time; tens of Americans died in a short time from the effects of e-cigarettes. That was by no means an advertisement for the e-cigarette that is often labeled as a "healthier" alternative to smoking. Investigations revealed that the use of illegal e-liquids was the reason for the rising death toll in the United States.

Illegal e-liquids

In Europe, the rules on e-liquids are strict. Only a few ingredients are allowed which are also used for food, cosmetics and smoke machines in the disco. In America there are also rules, but the deaths that were caused by the use of illegal dangerous e-liquids. It would concern liquids with THC, a marijuana substance, which was converted into liquid form on the basis of vitamin E acetate. And it is that acetate that has caused the problems. This oily substance attaches itself to the lungs, which is not the case with Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.


Is legal vaping safe?

Most researchers agree that electric vaping is not without its dangers, but would be much less harmful than a normal cigarette. The long-term effects are not yet known because e-cigarettes have not been on the market for long enough, but it is certain that ingredients in legal e-liquids meet all food safety standards. It is especially the addictive substance nicotine that would be dangerous.

Stop vaping

You can quit smoking by vaping, but can you also quit then? That is the main criticism when switching to e-cigarettes. In contrast to normal smoking, the liquids in electric cigarettes can be used in different concentrations of nicotine, up to 0% nicotine. Stoppers can thus reduce their need with the ultimate goal of being completely rid of their addiction. The "shisha pen" that is regularly associated with use among young people does not contain nicotine.