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Does formaldehyde arise in electric smoking?

A 2015 study showed that formaldehyde can develop during the evaporation of e-liquid in electrical cigarettes. That does not sound healthy, is electric smoking dangerous? Do we have to go back to a packet of cigarettes with tar, soot and ... also formaldehyde? Or is this research not correct?

Note: We explain on this page how formaldehyde can occur with electric cigarettes. It is not a recommendation for smoking or vaping.

How can fumes cause formaldehyde?

When you heat a liquid, the shape can change. In this way ice rises above zero degrees Celsius water, and above 100 degrees Celsius it becomes vapor. Liquids of different composition also have different temperatures at which they change shape. But something else happens when it is burned. This is an irreversible process. You can go back to water from vapor, but it is not possible to go from ash to a cigarette again.

Research based on an impossible situation

In the study, in which formaldehyde arose when using an e-cigarette, the liquid was evaporated in a way that is impossible under normal conditions. The voltage was manipulated, changing the chemical composition of the e-liquid. This can not happen with normal vapors. The researchers also indicated that, but that information was not always clearly stated by the press.

Is electric smoking harmful to health?

It is impossible to produce formaldehyde under official use conditions with official electric cigarettes and authentic e-liquids. Vapor from e-cigarettes is in principle harmless. You may be hypersensitive to e-liquids with PG, and nicotine in the fluid has an addictive effect. But there are e-liquids on a plant basis and without nicotine. The story of formaldehyde in electric cigarettes is a misleading conclusion from a study dating back to 2015.

With normal electric fumes you run no risk of inhaling formaldehyde, but smoking cigarettes does.