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Does smoking occur during pregnancy?

Roken tijdens zwangerschapSmoking is not only harmful to your own health, but also to the health of people around you, the passive smokers. Babies in the stomach cannot walk away, who have been condemned to smoke the mother. Nearly 1 in 10 pregnant women have smoked a cigarette during pregnancy.

Mothers smoke for two people

Nine months of pregnancy, this is a special time in a woman's life. You experience a lot, beautiful moments but also many challenges. You may crave strange dishes or crave a glass of wine or a cigarette. But everyone knows that smoking is bad for the health of both the mother and the unborn child. Yet, according to research, 9 percent of expectant mothers fail to reach the finish line smoke-free.

Trying to quit

It is mainly women who previously smoked who could not resist lighting a cigarette. Of the 17 percent who smoked before pregnancy, 9 percent were unable to get through the pregnancy smoke-free, after the child was born, the percentage rose to 13 percent smoking mothers. Almost 90 percent tried to quit immediately after they knew they were pregnant, 80 percent of which actually persisted.

Then just a glass?

Alcohol consumption was lower than smoking, at 5 percent to be precise. In addition, most cases involved a few sips. The percentage using other narcotics was only 0.1 percent. Of course, not every mother will just admit that they smoked, drank or sniffed during pregnancy, the actual figures may be higher. Simply stopping requires a lot of willpower, and you should be able to afford it in this turbulent period. That is why it is important that the environment also provides support, by setting social control and setting a good example. And of course you don't have to get pregnant to quit smoking!