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DTL vaping

There are basically two ways to vape; from mouth to lungs or directly to the lungs. The first method is called MTL vapiong (Mouth To Lung) and the second DTL vaping (Direct To Lung). The latter category in particular has proven to be very popular within the vaping community. You need a damper for this that can handle the lower resistances that are needed to apply this method.

Why should you use DTL vaping?

Vapors from mouth to lungs correspond to smoking a cigarette. MTL is therefore the most obvious choice for transferers. The experience of vaporizing directly to your lungs is different, and can be compared to smoking a hookah. The amount of vapor is higher, the temperature is higher. More e-liquid is also being used to produce those large vapor clouds. It goes without saying that more power is also needed to make this form of vaping possible. Both the device and the liquid must be suitable for this method.

Sub-Ohm coils

To make those large vapor clouds possible, Sub-Ohm coils are needed, that is the resistance wire that is used for this use at 1 Ohm or (much) lower. A lower resistance produces more heat and also more vapor. Standard e-cigarettes do not usually have a variable setting, mods and box mods with adjustable resistance can be set to personal preference in combination with Sub-Ohm coils.


Most liquids for e-cigarettes consist of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). With DTL vapors you will have to use an e-liquid with a VG content of at least 50% and often considerably more. Vegetable glycerin is thicker and will not splash on low resistance. Always pay attention to the correct combination of resistance and fluid composition. In particular, e-liquids for DTL vapors often have more complex aromas compared to MTL liquids.