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E-cigarette and the risks

E-cigarette and the risks according to the Ministry

You can ask for information about the e-cigarette and the health risks at the tobacconist nearby, at the webshop selling electric cigarettes or to people you know in your area. The fact is that these products are relatively new and we can not simply draw conclusions. You may decide for yourself whether e-vape is something for you, on this page we list some advice as formulated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Note: The statements on this page come from the Ministry, not from us. We give no buying advice about products and services concerning electric fumes.

E-cigarette and the health risks

You can read all the information via the RVIM website, here is a brief overview:

  • Harmful substances: In the vapors of an e-cigarette can occur substances including nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, aldehydes, nitrosamines and metals. Inhaling these substances can cause problems in the airways, cause heart palpitations and increase the risk of cancer.
  • E-liquid: The composition of e-liquid can vary considerably. Consider the amount of nicotine that is not always correctly indicated on the packaging. During the evaporation process, other substances may form that are not regulated.
  • Smoking behavior: Most of the vapors were previously smokers who suspect that electric smoking is better for health. The number of puffs per day can vary considerably.
  • Addiction: Although the NVWA indicates that insufficient research has been carried out, it is assumed that e-smoking can also be addictive. However, it is indicated that the concentrations of harmful substances are lower than with regular cigarettes.


The Ministry is predominantly negative about electric smoking, but does indicate that there are demonstrably fewer harmful substances released. There may be an addictive effect of e-vape, although too little research has been carried out at the moment.