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E-cigarette bad for teeth?

When you as a critical consumer look for disadvantages of electric smoking, you may have read that e-cigarettes are bad for your teeth. Is that correct, and how does it work? In this article we explain what is going on, and whether this is a reason to avoid electric cigarettes.

Note: We do not charge electric cigarettes on this page, we only provide background information.

Bad news: E-cigarette bad for teeth!

That is the head you may have already seen. There are people who get problems with their gums after switching from smoking to vapors. That would be due to the composition of e-liquid that affects the gums.

And now the real story ...

It is true that ex-smokers can suffer from their gums, not the teeth. Only the cause and the effect are reversed. The problem is in smoking, not in the fumes.

Smoking and gums

Smoking cigarettes causes the blood vessels in the gums to become thinner, as long as you smoke you do not notice that much. But when you stop smoking, the blood vessels will become wider, and existing inflammations or other diseases will reveal themselves. This applies to all smokers who stop, including people who do not switch to e-cigarettes. The gums will recover after a while.

E-liquid and saliva

Saliva plays an important role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. By using e-liquid with high concentrations of propylene glycol you can get a dry mouth, this inhibits the recovery of gums. You can also opt for e-liquid based on Vegetarian Glycerine, or simply drink more water.

Conclusion: is an e-cigarette bad for your teeth?

No, because your gums will start to recover after smoking cessation, hidden diseases can (temporarily) reveal themselves. Drink plenty of water when you vaporize based on propylene glycol in the e-liquid.