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E-cigarette battery

E-cigarette battery

An important part of an electric cigarette is the e-cigarette battery. With disposable e-cigarettes the battery is not replaceable, with other models. In starter sets a battery is already included, you will in some cases have to buy a new e-cigarette battery. We give you information on the different types of batteries for electric cigarettes on this page.

Note: We only provide information about e-cigarette batteries, you will not find any purchase advice for specific products here.

Buy standard e-cigarette battery

The most common battery for electric cigarettes is the IMR / INR 18650 unprotected. Here are the main features of an e-cigarette battery:

  • Capacity: The higher the capacity, the longer you can vaporize without charging the battery. With exchangeable batteries it is also possible to carry multiple batteries. Protect the loose batteries to prevent short circuits or damage.
  • C-Rating: Depending on how you vaporise you will have to choose a different type of e-cigarette battery. A higher C-Rating means a lower capacity of the battery. With Sub-Ohm vapors you will need a battery with a higher C-Rating. Have this advised by the specialist.
  • Lithium-ion: Batteries with lithium-ion technology can be charged in between times and do not suffer from the "memory effect". There are three variants that we often encounter with e-cigarette batteries; ICR, IMR and INR. The letter "R" stands for Round or Rechargeable.
  • Size: Also note the size, the numerical indication shows the first two numbers for the diameter and the next two for the length. With a 18650 the diameter will be 18mm, the length is 65mm.

Which e-cigarette battery to buy?

The manufacturer of the electric cigarette will usually indicate which batteries are suitable for the device. If you have doubts about the right batteries, or want to buy a suitable battery for a specific mod, it is best to contact the supplier so that you do not use the wrong e-cigarette battery.