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E-cigarette battery safety

E-cigarette battery safety

There are smokers who are afraid to switch to an electric cigarette because they do not like to put a device with battery on their lips. Yet the dangers of real cigarettes are much larger than with a damper, only it takes a little longer before you notice the consequences of smoking. Of course it is important to determine the e-cigarette battery safety before you start using vapors. On this page we explain what to look out for.

Note: We do not issue any sales advice regarding the e-cigarette battery safety. You will only find general information about batteries for electric cigarettes here.

Determine the e-cigarette battery safety

There are a lot of people around with a hearing aid or with a pacemaker, it is really not dangerous to be near batteries. The stories about exploding smartphone batteries are often more a consequence of the use than of the battery itself. You can assume that an e-cigarette battery that you buy in a Dutch webshop meets strict requirements. Rechargeable batteries use lithium-ion technology, chargers and electric cigarettes are always protected against dangerous situations.

Stacking is dangerous

The cases of problems with e-cigarette batteries that are known all have to do with careless use or conscious manipulation of the equipment. This way you can switch multiple batteries in series, this is also called "stacking". Most batteries are not made for this method, so unexpected situations can arise. When you're putting together a mod that does not have the right ventilation, gases can not find a way out that can cause problems. In both cases there are human errors.

When determining the e-cigarette battery safety, it is wise to purchase only products approved for the Netherlands, and follow the instructions in the manual to the letter. This way you can safely vaporize without endangering your health.