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E cigarette buy Primera

E cigarette buy Primera or webshop?

If you read this page you are an Internet user. Why would you go to the tobacconist or buy an e-cigarette at the Primera? The public that goes to a physical store for electric cigarettes mainly consists of older smokers who need more information. But is an office book store the best source of information about vapors?

Note: We do not give advice on this page to buy electric cigarettes or accessories. We only provide information to enable consumers to make an informed choice.

E buy cigarette at the Primera

You can buy cigarettes in the supermarket, at various office bookstores, in a tobacco shop or you can order e-cigarettes online in a webshop. For many people online shopping has become the standard; 24 hours a day shopping, no long queue at the counter and no burden of intrusive staff. Nevertheless, the lack of direct communication for some consumers is a reason to prefer to go to the store in the neighborhood. Buying an e cigarette at the Primera for example. As seasoned online shoppers, we may not be really objective, yet we prefer to order e-cigarettes in the webshop.

6 Benefits of ordering online

  1. Webshops often offer a larger assortment of articles including mods, boxmods, and e-liquid in all kinds and parts.
  2. You can quietly look around and compare without a salesman who botheres you or a customer who wants to pay scratch cards.
  3. If you have questions, send a message or call, even online webshops offer personal service.
  4. You are protected online by the Remote Purchasing Act, not in the store.
  5. Web shops with electric cigarettes are often specialized and do not concern themselves with, for example, office supplies.
  6. Online operating costs are lower, so the costs for the customer often also turn out cheaper.

You can of course buy an e-cigarette at the Primera, for example a cheap disposable cigarette to give it a try. But for the largest choice, cheapest prices and best service, we believe that better alternatives exist.