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E-cigarette can save 6.6 million smokers from death

We already knew that smoking is lethal. It is also known that the vapor in e-cigarettes does not contain the same harmful substances as those found in tobacco smoke. But how does this actually translate into hard figures? They calculated this in the United States, saving 6.6 million premature deaths for the American population alone. Extending to the rest of the world, according to this research, many more lives can be saved.

The figures in perspective

To arrive at the above conclusions, data from the "National Health Survey" figures from 1965 up to and including 2012. The age, gender and year of birth were taken into account. By linking all figures and risks, they resulted in 6.6 million fewer deaths and more than 86 million years of life that can be saved after switching to e-cigarettes.

Forecasts do not always come true

Not all smokers will switch to the e-cigarette tomorrow, and there are so many factors involved in smoking that estimates always remain. Certainly because the effects of smoking cigarettes develop over the course of many years before the effect becomes visible. In other words; those 6.6 million deaths are an estimate, making it a kind of lottery that smokers play every day. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but not everyone gets lung cancer. And people who have never smoked can also get sick, and everyone dies sometime. These are all excuses for not addressing the underlying problem.

Can the tide still be turned?

Every cigarette that is smoked less means a reduced chance of a fatal disease due to smoking. It means the chance of a longer life, not only for yourself but also for everyone who inhales this smoke. The figures in the American study are not a promise, it is primarily a warning for smokers with advice to quit or to switch.