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E-Cigarette does not taste popular with young people

Study shows E-Cigarette flavors not attractive in non-smoking teenagers

Tobacco tastes like tobacco. You can add Menthol to it, or make a specific blend from it, but tobacco leaves have a specific taste profile when burned. This is not really tasty, but nicotine will make and keep smokers dependent. With e-cigarettes, there are literally hundreds of flavors that range from tobacco to fruits, desserts and flavors that you will normally only taste during an extensive dinner. Is a gummy bear aroma made especially for young people? Maybe so, yet young people think very differently about this.

What flavors can you fume?

E-liquids are not limited to tobacco. Of course, the well-known aromas are offered, in addition, all kinds of other flavors have been devised. This can vary from recognizable sweet flavors such as banana or strawberry, but also desserts such as cheesecake or ice cream and even specialties such as cappuccino or rum-cola. You can't think of it that way, or it is available as a vapor. For whom are these tastes actually made?

Young people do not find flavors attractive

A survey of more than 200 young people and more than 400 adults showed that young people in particular were not interested in special tastes. A sweet aroma turned out not to be more popular than a traditional tobacco aroma, it was certainly no reason to try an e-cigarette. This was different for adults, current smokers wanted to try an alternative, followed by former smokers who sometimes wanted to taste a taste. Adults who had never smoked before saw nothing in an e-cigarette with a special taste. The smokers in particular were therefore attracted by all those special aromas.

Which flavors are the most popular?

Among young people it was not the taste, but the lack of nicotine that appealed. They would rather opt for a Shisha pen without addictive nicotine than for a cigarette with dangerous smoke. Adults were mainly interested in more "mature" aromas such as espresso or vanilla, and raspberry was a good fruit. For the sweet flavors, both young people and adults prefer it to "real" products instead of vapor.