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E-cigarette harmless

Is an e-cigarette dangerous or not? In principle, everything can be dangerous. A glass of water is delicious, you can drown in the ocean. To determine whether an e-cigarette is dangerous or not, you will have to look at multiple characteristics. On this page we look at three possible hazards from vapors.

1. Nicotine

Many people think that nicotine is dangerous, and that is why smoking is bad for your health. Yet that is not the case. It is the substances in the smoke that are bad for your body, nicotine is just an addictive substance that keeps you lighting a new cigarette. However, nicotine patches or chewing gum do not appear to have the same effect as is the case with e-cigarettes. The addiction is therefore partly in your head.

2. E-liquid with THC

It is a fact that people have died in America who have smoked THC e-liquid. Whether they died directly from the effects of these products is not conclusively proven, it is possible. This is not due to THC, an active substance in weed, but to the oil in which the THC was dissolved. In contrast to e-liquids with PG and VG, evaporated oil is indeed dangerous. The danger is therefore in the oil-based liquid, not vapors in themselves or the THC in the liquid.

3. The batteries may explode

As with the previous point, the error unfortunately lies with the user. All batteries can break, this also applies to a smartphone or a portable computer game. Make sure you use official batteries and chargers, do not place them in hot places and store them in a responsible place. Cases of fire due to e-cigarettes are rare, unfortunately we cannot say this about smoking cigarettes in the home.

So ... are e-cigarettes dangerous? Although there are risks with every electrical appliance and every stimulant, e-cigarettes appear safe when used responsibly.