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E Cigarette Netherlands

E Cigarette in the Netherlands

The popularity of the e cigarette in the Netherlands continues to increase. Two groups of users can be distinguished; on the one hand the former smokers who want to quit, and on the other hand dampers who like to experiment with various types of 'hardware' and 'software'. You will find things you need to know about the e cigarette in the Netherlands on this page.

Vapors for beginners

If you just want to try if fumes are for you, you can buy a disposable cigarette. This 'cig-a-like' is easy to use and resembles a normal cigarette in every respect. There is little variation in taste, you cannot set things like temperature and the amount of vapor manually.

Vapors for advanced users

The e cigarette that is most sold in the Netherlands in retail is the eGo model. The shape still looks like a normal cigarette, this time the liquid (e-liquid) can be refilled and the battery rechargeable. To inhale, press a 'fire button' to heat up the resistance wire. These devices offer more options and are nevertheless easy to use.

Vapors for the 'pro'

The eGo model as a standard e cigarette in the Netherlands is being gradually replaced by mods and boxmods that offer considerably more functionality and possibilities. These are popular devices in web shops in particular. You then have control over the resistance, temperature and amount of vapor. Depending on the model, you can vaporize with liquid or nic salts. You are also not limited to tobacco flavors or products with nicotine, with a basic e-liquid you can mix aromas yourself.

Is the e cigarette safe in the Netherlands?

You hear scary stories about vapors, especially from the United States. In England, e cigarettes are even sold in the hospital as a healthy alternative! What is truth and what about the Netherlands? European legislation is very strict, products must be of high quality. You may not purchase these products under the age of 18. Problems mainly arise with 'hobbyists' who manipulate the device or the e-liquid and that can indeed be dangerous. If in doubt, contact the supplier for more information.