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E-cigarette or nicotine patch to quit smoking?

Nicotinepleister vs e-sigaret to stop smokingSmoking cessation is not automatic. You need a lot of willpower for it, and possibly tools to get rid of that unhealthy addiction. In particular, nicotine substitutes such as plasters and e-cigarettes are often used as an alternative to smoking. A study of 657 individuals from New Zealand found that subjects preferred the electric cigarette over the nicotine patch.

What does smoking addict mean?

You don't smoke for pleasure. You start once, it is actually dirty but you continue. Then you have been addicted for years with all its consequences. Nicotine is often identified as the culprit, as this is an addictive substance. This is partly correct, although tobacco manufacturers add extra substances to cigarettes to enhance the addictive effect. Nicotine in itself is not unhealthy in moderate amounts, but the soot and tar in a cigarette is. With a nicotine patch you can remove that need for nicotine, but why do ex-New Zealand smokers prefer e-cigarettes?

Excited about e-cigarette?

It turned out that the subjects were more satisfied with the e-cigarette than with the nicotine patch. This is possibly due to the simulation of the standard smoking behavior. You do not hold a plaster in your hand, and the absorption through the skin is different from inhalation. Both methods turned out not to be a miracle cure. Six months later, only a limited number of the subjects studied were completely out of smoking. Many users opted for a combination of smoking and a nicotine-containing alternative.

Is nicotine dangerous?

Doctors who prescribe products containing nicotine to smokers, it is like a doctor who prescribes a glass of wine to an alcoholic. Unlike alcoholic drinks, nicotine is not the cause of lung cancer and other fatalities, it is just an addictive substance like caffeine in coffee and cola. Obviously, the ideal situation is free from addiction, until then removing the greatest dangers seems a reasonable compromise.