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E-cigarette price and costs

E-cigarette price and costs

Is electric smoking cheaper than smoking cigarettes? Because the e-cigarette price and costs will not be the same for every person, it is difficult to give a definitive answer. We can make a comparison on the basis of average use, which shows that vaping is indeed often cheaper than cigarettes.

Note: We do not advise anyone to start electric smoking due to costs or other benefits. This page is purely informative and does not serve as advertising for specific products.

E-cigarette price and costs

E-cigarette price and costs

With a packet of cigarettes it is fairly easy to determine the price. Count how much you smoke per day, a lighter, ashtray and ready. With an electric cigarette you can make choices at every step that will influence the total price. In this example calculation, we assume someone who smokes an amount of electric energy, which corresponds to 20 to 25 regular cigarettes.

What does an e-cigarette cost?

When you start with a starter set you can work with e-liquid for about forty euros. Then you have a standard electric cigarette. Boxmods and other special types will be more expensive.

You will have to replace a number of parts regularly:

What do the coils and batteries cost?

The coils contained in the clearomizer last for about two weeks on the basis of average use, which amounts to € 1, - to € 1.50 per week. The batteries are more expensive but also last much longer, on average about six months in practice. That costs you the same amount on a weekly basis.

What does e-liquid cost?

With the e-cigarette price and costs you can not forget the e-liquid. Here the prices can vary considerably, if we use an average price you get out at € 1, - per day, so € 7, - per week.

Based on average consumption, corresponding to 20 to 25 cigarettes per day, you will spend around € 10 per week on consumption costs. Depending on the type of electric cigarette, the preference for coils, batteries and e-liquid, this price may be lower or higher.