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E cigarette Primera

This is how an E Cigarette works


There are different types of electric cigarettes, yet the basic principles are virtually the same for all types of damper. A Primera e-cigarette often belongs to the 'disposable' type, which you throw away completely after use. These products are primarily intended for transferers who want to try electric smoking. After that, smokers will often switch to a device that is refillable. These are the main components of e cigarettes.

1. Battery

It goes without saying that an e cigarette works on a battery. With disposable models such as the standard e cigarette of the Primera the battery is not rechargeable, with most dampers it is. This saves costs and it is also more sustainable. A device with a higher resistance needs less power, with Sub Ohm fumes a heavier battery will usually be placed. Charging usually takes place via a micro USB charger. Pay attention; a cell phone charger is generally NOT suitable for dampers!

2. Fire button

Most models use a fire button, this is a button that you press before inhaling. There are also types that are activated immediately upon inhalation, as this applies to the cig-a-likes. A button gives more control over the process, without a button it looks more like traditional smoking.

3. Tank

The e-liquid is stored here. This can be a refillable tank with e-liquid or a disposable cartridge. The ease of use of cartridges is somewhat higher, and the costs, by the way. You can deposit cartridges with household waste, and return it to a collection point such as Primera is not necessary.

4. Coil

This is the part that evaporates liquid, it is a resistance wire that is heated. The lower the resistance of the coil, the greater the amount of vapor will be. Coils with a resistance of 1 ohm or higher are used for standard e cigarettes. The resistance of the coil depends on the viscosity (fluidity) of the e-liquid.

A Primera cigarette and other 'office book stores' will usually be a disposable or Ego type. The more advanced dampers are sold in specialty stores and in web shops. Think of adjustable temperature setting, displays and different shapes.