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E-cigarette reduces fire risk

E-cigarette reduces fire risk

The saying "smoking like a chimney" is well known. But if there is smoke and fire in the house due to the effects of smoking, something more is going on. In addition to the government and medical scientists, the British fire brigade also claims that e-cigarettes are better than cigarettes. And then with regard to a fire in the house. Because there is another proverb that is known: "where there is smoke, there is fire."

14 home fires from e-cigarette

If you want to attract readers as a press publication, you do this with sensational headlines. We are also not afraid of attention, so we also call that the fire brigade in England has registered 14 house fires in 3 years due to the (incorrect) use of e-cigarettes. Now the complete story; in the same period there were more than 3500 fires caused by the effects of smoking in the home! Smoking is the third place of fire-hazardous activities in the living situation. And even in the first position with regard to fatal accidents.

The reason that smoking in the house is so dangerous is because of smoldering cigarettes, butts, lighters, ashes or matches. This can be a mistake, carelessness or falling asleep while smoking. Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but the risk of a fire in the home is not always sufficiently recognized.

Handle e-cigarettes safely

We hope that after reading this article, you realize that smoking tobacco is not only bad in the long run, but that they can also quickly lead to deadly consequences. Yet there are also some risks with electronic cigarettes. Therefore pay close attention to these things:

  • Not all chargers are suitable for e-cigarettes. Always pay attention to the correct voltage, wattage and ampere.
  • Mobile phone fast chargers in particular are not suitable for rechargeable e-cigarettes.
  • Do not leave batteries in hot places such as the glove compartment of the car.
  • Immediately replace batteries that are damaged and dispose of them through small chemical waste or a collection point.
  • Keep batteries and other vapor products away from children.

And if a fire breaks out; keep it cool, go outside and call the fire department on 112. Everything can be replaced, except the life of yourself and your family members.