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E-cigarette use in restaurant or bar

Since October 10, 2014 there is a smoking ban for the entire hospitality industry. Until 2020, e-cigarettes were excluded because no tobacco is burned. Catering establishments were able to set their house rules in such a way that fumes are not permitted. From 2020, e-cigarettes with and without nicotine are also covered by this ban. So you are no longer allowed to smoke in the hospitality industry. You can read what this means on this page.

Smoking ban extended to e-cigarettes

Vapor and smoke are very different in composition. Second-hand vapor is not concentrated enough to harm health, according to various studies. Nevertheless, the smoking ban, which was already applicable to tobacco products, has been extended with e-cigarettes, with no nicotine in the e-liquid. This means that there are significantly fewer places where you can steam.

Fumes with smokers

Someone who is steaming no longer has a preferential position, and must adhere to the rules that also apply to smokers. The fact that former smokers may now again be in smoke is a possible consequence that the Dutch government apparently did not consider. Smoking and fumes are allowed on a terrace that is completely open on one side. A fixed extension does not count, even in a covered public space such as a shopping center smoking is not permitted.

Not always the same rules

A smoking area in the hospitality industry is prohibited. There are other locations where an enclosed area for smoking is allowed, such as airports. It is not allowed to smoke in the smoking area at Schiphol. The intention is also to close these spaces within the National Prevention Agreement. This new rule will be strictly monitored from 1 April 2020.