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E-cigarette use is rare among young people

An important reason that e-cigarette sales are discouraged through strict rules and sanctions on retailers and web shops is the danger of e-cigarette use among young people. The minimum age for e-smoking or 'fumes' in the Netherlands is 18 years and older, regardless of the nicotine content of the e-cigarette. British research shows that young people are hardly interested in these products, because e-cigarette use is rare among young people.

Action on Smoking and Health

The organization ASH has commissioned a study by the British government into e-cigarette use among young people. The conclusions were striking:

  • More than three-quarters of young people between 11-18 have never tried an e-cigarette.
  • More than half of them wanted to give it a try without the intention to use e-cigarettes more often.
  • Under 16, the number of children who have tried an e-cigarette is falling even further, with only a third of the number of users between 16 and 18 years old.

The conclusion of ASH was that young people who do not smoke also do not feel the need to try e-cigarettes. Smokers in particular experiment with fumes. Incidentally, the use of tobacco products has also been declining in Great Britain for years.

Well-known yet unloved

The study also showed that only 6% of the young people surveyed had not heard of the existence of e-cigarettes before. Yet the enthusiasm for testing them themselves was very low. These results are at odds with the image that exists in the media about e-cigarettes with sweet flavors that are meant to seduce young people. Incidentally, this is the same "gateway" theory that states that soft drugs such as weed would lead to the use of hard drugs. Research has also shown that this is not the case with e-cigarettes. Young people simply do not have much interest in smoking or fumes, regardless of the flavors that are available. With a minimum age of 18 years, use by young people is further discouraged.