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E-cigarette victims used illegal cannabis liquid

E-cigarette with THC dangerous?Thousands of people with lung complaints and tens of deaths from the use of the e-cigarette. How is that possible, it was nevertheless claimed that vaping would be 95% less unhealthy than smoking? This time, there would be a link between cannabis e-cigarettes. Is vaping really that dangerous and is THC the main culprit in this story?

Dangers of vaping and THC

No, vaping or vaping should not lead to so many sick people, and no the active ingredient THC in cannabis is not the cause of the lung complaints. The dangerous substance appears to be vitamin E acetate, a means to dissolve substances in a liquid. Although this substance is not per se dangerous for consumption, it is intended for ingestion as a liquid and to be swallowed or spread on the skin. The oily droplets that form after evaporation will attach to the alveoli and cause major problems there.

It's not weed?

No, as far as we know now THC, an active substance in cannabis, has nothing to do with the dangers of these e-liquids. 85% of the cases investigated reported vaporizing THC, based on liquids purchased through illegal channels. You can compare it to an illegal joint in which the dealer put arsenic. You smoke weed, but that's not why you die.

It is not due to e-cigarettes?

E-liquids are made on the basis of two main ingredients; Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). For example, PG is also in smoke machines (actually vapor machines) that you see in the disco, PG is in many foods that you probably use every day. Propylene Glycol can cause allergic complaints to a number of users, which are not dangerous. Vegetable Glycerine seems safe to vaporize with, the long-term effects are not yet known.