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E-cigarette with cartridge filling

E-cigarette with cartridge filling

You can buy disposable e-cigarettes, but if you plan to smoke more often, an e-cigarette with cartridge refill is a more obvious choice. These electric cigarettes can be used again and again by putting a new cartridge on them. This way you waste less material and costs without the complexity of a mod or a box mod solution.

Note: This page does not give buying advice for an e-cigarette with cartridge filling or other form of electrical fumes. This page is for information only.

What is an e-cigarette with cartridge filling?

An electric cigarette works with various components; e-liquid, a clearomizer, coil and battery. Disposable electric cigarettes have everything built in one housing, mods and boxmods are divided into separate parts. The e-cigarette with cartridge filling is in between. The short part that you put on the lips is the replaceable part, the long part is the battery that you can recharge over and over again.

Disposable or with refill?

If you only take a puff from time to time or want to try vaping once, a disposable model can offer a solution. If you are an average to heavy damper you will look for a more permanent solution. With an e-cigarette with cartridge filling you maintain the convenience of a disposable electric cigarette but you do not have to throw away the battery.

Cartridge or mods

The so-called mods and boxmods let you replace and renew all parts. These models often hardly resemble normal cigarettes. When you want an experience that is very similar to traditional smoking, the e-cigarette with cartridge filling is the logical choice. The shape resembles a standard cigarette, and replacing the vapor element is as easy as taking a cigarette out of a package.

The e-cigarette with cartridge filling offers an alternative to the simple disposable cigarette and the mod models.