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E-cigarettes are not a stepping stone to smoking

It seems that the government is doing everything it can to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of users. Advertising is not allowed, products may not be visible in stores, and a web shop may not provide subjective information if it is negative in nature. Quite apart actually, given that there are several studies from the Netherlands that indicate that e-cigarettes are not a stepping stone to smoking. This conclusion and more can be read in a study by the Trimbos Institute.

No news ... yet new information

Although many messages have been published about e-cigarettes, remarkably few sources are used to write these articles. Yet studies have indeed been published from which interesting information can be obtained. For example, the Trimbos Institute has already carried out a thorough investigation in 2014. Although not all facts have come to the fore there, the first conclusions are in sharp contrast to what is often published. What do you think about:

  • E-cigarettes are not a stepping stone to smoking: From this study in 2014 to now there is no reason to assume that people start using vapors and switch to cigarettes.
  • E-liquids are non-toxic: Although Propylene glycol is assessed as a harmful substance as well as nicotine, the Trimbos Institute indicates that there is no reason to be afraid of poisoning.
  • Vapors can help stop smoking: It is possible to stop smoking effectively. By far the majority of dampers have smoked before.
  • It is a less unhealthy alternative: Continuing to smoke is worse for health than switching to vapors.

Much still unknown

There are certainly downsides and in particular uncertainties. The quality of (import) products is not always guaranteed, there are also young people who experiment with these products. But reason to believe that fumes is a stepping stone to smoking appears to be an unfounded fear. Where are all those smokers who started the e-cigarette?