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E-cigarettes DO NOT give pneumonia

E-cigarettes DO NOT give pneumonia or weaken the immune system

Let's start with the observation that the results from the research below are based on tests with mice. That does not automatically mean that they are also 100% accurate for people. Mice and humans are both mammals that breathe through the lungs. The conclusion, according to researchers at the University of Louisiana, indicates that e-cigarettes do NOT cause pneumonia or weakening of the immune system. Read on for more information about this research.

Smoke, vapor or nothing

This study took into account four different factors:

  1. Smoke in the lungs.
  2. Vapor with nicotine in the lungs.
  3. Vapor without nicotine in the lungs.
  4. No smoke or vapor in the lungs.

The mice were infected with a type of pneumonia that mainly affects small children and seniors. The mice were then exposed to one of the four above factors.

No influence on the genes

With smoke it appeared that there was an observable effect on more than a thousand genes. This makes it easier for bacteria to infect the lungs. No influence was perceptible with the two types of vapor, as with the control mice without additional exposure.

Conclusion from the study

It was already known that smoking has harmful effects on the immune system. Research at the University of Louisiana has now shown that fumes do not have a similar effect. In this case it concerned pneumonia, which effects vapors can have on other disorders is not yet known. The choice for a lung condition is obvious because both smoke and vapor are inhaled through the lungs.

E-cigarettes DO NOT cause pneumonia or weakening of the immune system

Are e-cigarettes safe for use? That is another question in which many factors play a role. In this case it is clear that smoking and fumes have absolutely no similar effects on the body, and that smoking plays an important role in stimulating pre-existing diseases.