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E-cigarettes important when quitting

E-cigarettes play an important role in stopping smoking

The vast majority of smokers were ever smokers. There are not many people who order an e-cigarette from scratch and start fumes. E-cigarettes therefore play an important role in stopping smoking, where and why? And are there any disadvantages to fumes as a substitute for smoking?

Not just addicted to nicotine

Nicotine patches help to quit smoking because they meet the nicotine requirement that the body has. Yet many former smokers start smoking again, because they are missing something. The lack of a cigarette between the fingers, the ritual of lighting up a cigarette or having a chat with colleagues during the break. These actions form an important part of the experience. Think of getting up, smearing a few slices of toast, a glass of gravy and a newspaper in the morning. And that every day. Rituals are an important part of smoking addiction, e-cigarettes offer this routine which makes quitting smoking easier.

Reduce the need

Although nicotine is not unhealthy in itself, it has an addictive effect. Although the vapor of an e-cigarette is not as unhealthy as the smoke in a cigarette, it is not a pleasant idea to be addicted to anything. E-liquids are available in various concentrations of nicotine, from 18 mg to 0 mg. By gradually phasing out you can get rid of that need for nicotine. If you still want to steam, for example for the social factor or the aroma, that is your own choice. So you can, but you don't have to.

Risk with e-cigarettes to quit smoking

A possible disadvantage of electric fumes is a cigarette that does not go 'up'. You run the risk of taking puffs too often, there is no clear end point. This is, strictly speaking, not a 1-on-1 experience, which is a factor to be reckoned with.