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E-liquid buying: What should you pay attention to?

You can buy a huge amount of e-liquid, you hardly get out of it. What should you look for to choose the right liquid for your electric cigarette? We explain that on this page!

e-liquid buying

What does VG and PG mean?

There are two ingredients that influence the taste and experience of vaping; vegetable glycerin and propylene glycerin.

VG: Vegetable (made from plants) glycerin ensures that the vapor has a specific taste.
PG: Propylene glycerin causes that typical feeling in the throat with smoking or vapors.

The ratio and composition of these two ingredients determines the experience you will taste and feel when using an electric cigarette. In e-liquid buying, we can not determine the best choice, because tastes differ, of course. Switchers often opt for traditional cigarette flavors, while purebred vapers try the most exotic flavors. From sweet to sour, from light to heavy and everything in between.

Safe e-liquid purchase

In Europe there are strict laws regarding the sale of e-liquids. This also means that you can order these liquids relatively safely on European web shops. Outside Europe it is difficult to determine whether harmful additives are present. Therefore, always opt for a reliable web shop that meets the legislation when buying e-liquid.