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E-liquid Steeping

E-liquid Steeping

Just as wine gets better taste over time, and as old cheese tastes different from young cheese, you can also improve the taste of e-liquid with time and some special care. We call this process e-liquid steeping. In fact, this means e-liquid maturing for a fuller flavor and aroma. How that is possible, and what is the simplest way to realize this, you can read on this page.

Note: Careless handling of e-liquid steeping can affect the quality of the product and the chemical composition. Do this at your own risk and follow the instructions of the supplier.

Forms of e-liquid steeping

These are the most common ways to ripen the liquid:

  • Time: By waiting a week or so, you can already influence the taste of e-liquid. You can read how this works on this page.
  • Hot water: Immersing the bottle for a few hours and hot (not hot) water can make the taste even more intense.
  • Microwave: This method corresponds to the hot water option, but faster. And often too fast. The process goes in seconds, you can also quickly "piece" the liquid.
  • Ultrasonic: Just like with a microwave, the fluid is set at the molecular level, this is primarily a method for the serious vapers with experience.

Easy e-liquid plugs

Time is the easiest way to make your fluid better. After receiving your order you shake the liquid well. You put the bottle in a place without sunlight, not too hot and at maximum room temperature. After a day, shake the liquid for a few minutes, repeat this process every day for a week. Do this with one or a few tanks and also keep a tank separate to taste the difference. Also test a fresh tank directly to determine if you like the dug version.