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E-Smoking e-cigarette

E-Smoking e-cigarette has been delivering products since 2007 for smoking electrically or, more precisely, for steaming. With this product, the difference between traditional smoking and modern fumes has been deliberately kept as small as possible. This makes this company even more attractive to make the switch from tobacco to e-liquid.

E-Smoking e-cigarette without smoke

Although the brand name contains "smoking" or "smoking", this is a damper that heats a liquid so that it is converted into a fine mist. That is what we refer to as "fumes", which is often referred to as "electric smoking" for recognizability. The E-Smoking e-cigarette is characterized by a design that is very similar to a standard cigarette. The method of inhalation is also the same, there is a choice of different patterns with different taste and nicotine content. In addition, e-liquids are also available that contain 0% nicotine.

Patterns make it easy

Many brands of e-cigarettes consist of several parts that can be filled or replaced separately. The E-Smoking e-cigarette is slightly different; it is a battery with a "pattern" on it that contains everything to vaporize with. After use, replace the cartridge, the battery can be recharged via a USB connection. There are no buttons present, by (gently) inhaling vapor will naturally arise. These cartridges are not interchangeable with other brands, for heavy dampers the price will be a little higher because the entire cartridge has to be replaced.

MTL vaping

Mouth To Lung is the way normal cigarettes work, the smoke goes from the mouth to the lungs. MTL fumes work in the same way, so the vapor experience is very similar to smoking. This is ideal for people switching from smoking to vaping. New users are strongly advised to buy e-liquid with 0% nicotine because otherwise there will be an addictive effect of electric smoking. The E-Smoking e-cigarette corresponds to smoking, with the most benefits that fumes offer. This product just does not have the advanced options that you will find with other brands.

Brand: E-Smoking Model: Starterspack E-Smoking Premium
E-Smoking Premium Starterspack - 2 batterijen - Lader - Handleiding De E-smoking premium heeft een eigen verdamper ingebouwd, waardoor de elektronische sigaret uit 2 delen bestaat. Het patroon en de batterij. Schroef ze op elkaar en uw E-Sigaret is klaar voor gebruik. Met 8,2 cm. is ze even ..
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