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E-smoking battery

E-smoking battery

The E-smoking company makes electronic cigarettes that are primarily aimed at former smokers. That is clearly visible in the design of their electric cigarette that falls under the cig-a-likes. These are e-cigarettes that look a lot like filter cigarettes, but produce vapor instead of smoke. With this type the E-smoking battery can be replaced, which is not always the case with this type of device.

No disposable e-cigarette

The electronic cigarette from this manufacturer may look a lot like a normal cigarette, but it is certainly not a disposable device. The system works on the basis of two parts; a pattern where the coil and the tank are located, and the E-smoking battery that causes the system to warm up. The entire length corresponds to standard cigarettes with just 8.2 cm. Because the batteries can be disconnected from the cartridge section, they do not have to be discarded after use. You can simply recharge the E-smoking again.

E-smoking battery

The capacity of the batteries is sufficient to evaporate half a cartridge. That will be sufficient for most users. With an extra battery in your pocket you can fume a complete pattern before recharging. Because it is an MTL damper, the capacity and capacity can remain limited. The output of the Premium E-smoking battery is 3.7 Volts, which is quite low. The battery can be recharged on average 500 times, after which you can dispose of it through the small chemical waste and purchase a new battery.

Simple but clear

Do not expect a manual adjustment of temperature and resistance, this damper is made to be easy to use. There are small LEDs that indicate whether the battery is full or empty, the charging status can also be read directly. A complete load takes about an hour and a half, then you can take half a cartridge against it.

Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking Premium Battery
E-Smoking Premium Battery ..
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