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E-smoking cartridges

E-smoking cartridges

E-Smoking is an electric cigarette that works with a separate battery and a refill cartridge. Unlike a disposable e-cigarette, you do not have to replace the entire product, but you do not have to deal with liquids yourself either. The E-Smoking cartridges are specifically intended for this system, so you cannot use them for products from other brands.

E-Smoking cartridges

When you take a pull from the electric cigarette, the microchip in the battery will be activated. It is therefore not necessary to press a button. The evaporator contained in the E-Smoking cartridges will evaporate the liquid, causing vapor to be inhaled by the user. When the cartridge is empty you can replace it, the battery can be recharged up to 500 times.

E-Smoking refills

Different types of E-Smoking refills are available. In addition to variations in taste, there are also differences in nicotine content. There are cartridges available without the addictive substance nicotine, a minimum age of 18 applies to order these products. In addition to the traditional taste of tobacco, the refills are also available in menthol and in coffee flavor. By varying the taste you can prevent damperstong. In that case you can no longer taste the taste well. Not everyone is affected by this, if you experience complaints when using these products, contact a medical specialist.

E-Smoking cartomizers

The E-Smoking cartomizers are supplied in sets of five refill cartomizers. You can take around 500 puffs per cartridge, which corresponds to roughly 16 cigarettes. The amount of nicotine is stated per cartridge, so divide this content by 16 to determine the nicotine per 'cigarette'. Especially for transferers it is important not to opt for too little nicotine, then the risk of relapse to normal cigarettes is less. In other cases, 0 mg is better because it does not contain addictive nicotine.

Brand: E-Smoking Model: E-Smoking Refill Regulier
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