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Efest battery

Efest battery

When you are looking for a replacement battery for a damper you can choose a product from that damper brand, or you can buy another brand. The Efest battery is a popular choice, not least because the price is favorable compared to the official batteries. The specifications are good, the connection is fairly standard for DTL dampers which the Efest battery mainly made known to Sub-Ohm vapers. The batteries are specially made for use in e-cigarettes, and in particular the dampers that operate at a low resistance.

Is it a real Efest battery?

When you order batteries online, it is important to choose a reliable webshop. Outside Europe, regulations and compliance are not always strict, and popular brands such as this Efest battery are regularly copied. That does not mean that this brand makes these products itself, and the term "real" becomes less obvious. Efest is not a manufacturer but a supplier of batteries for e-cigarettes. They release batteries from other brands that are provided with their own brand name. For example, they purchase batteries from renowned brands such as Panasonic, Sony, LG and Samsung. But with their own recognizable logo and color scheme. This is not strange in this sector, it is possible that there are batteries that perform slightly better or less optimally. But always within the standards. This depends on the actual capacity and the resistance of the Efest battery.

Service life of 3000 mAh

The batteries of the brand Efest are especially intended for the Sub-Ohm dampers that want to produce large vapor clouds. A lot of capacity is needed for this, 3000 mAh is certainly sufficient. This capacity cannot be compared with MTL dampers that last a tank for a fraction of this. The duration of use strongly depends on the use. If you are going to fume at very low resistance, you will still have to top up regularly to continue. You can of course keep some spare batteries ready so that you don't have to stop.

Brand: Efest Model: Efest 18650 batterij
Efest 18650 batterij 3000mAh 35A ..
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