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Effects on health when quitting smoking

Effects on health when quitting smoking

What happens to your body when you stop smoking? We often reflect on the stress you feel because you no longer feel that dose of nicotine flowing through your body. But what are the health effects of quitting smoking? And how quickly will you notice these effects? Here is a timeline with effects on the health that quit smoking entails.

Note: With e-cigarettes you can reduce the need for nicotine, in addition you will not get harmful substances such as soot and tar in your body. Electric smoking is not necessarily healthy, it is less unhealthy than smoking cigarettes.

Effects health quit smoking timeline

  • 20 minutes later: You have lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  • 24 hours later: You start with coughing and spluttering, the lungs discharge stubborn mucus.
  • 2 days later: The nicotine has now completely disappeared from your body, you notice that you can taste and smell more.
  • 3 days later: Your energy level goes up quickly, you can breathe better and deeper.
  • 1 month later: You can do much more, your whole body feels more energetic. Even that nasty cough has now disappeared.
  • 1 year later: The increased risk of cardiovascular disease has meanwhile been halved, the risk of other diseases will also decrease further.
  • 10 years later: You have fifty percent less chance of lung cancer and other types of cancer than when you were still smoking.
  • 15 years later: You have as much (or as little) chance of cardiovascular disease as someone who does not smoke.

As you can see, the first effects on health in stopping smoking occur very quickly. Keep in mind that the nicotine is already out of your body after two days, but you are not yet off the addiction. Many people therefore choose the electric cigarette as an intermediate solution with which they can reduce that nicotine need.