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Eleaf Pyrex Glasses

Eleaf Pyrex Glasses

The Chinese brand Eleaf makes various models of e-cigarettes. The functionality can vary, types that work on the basis of e-liquid will be equipped with a tank. This is the part where the fluid is stored. In contrast to the coil, Eleaf Pyrex slides do not need to be replaced often. For various reasons, however, it may be necessary to replace the glass. In that case it is possible to order replacement Eleaf Pyrex glasses.

Eleaf Pyrex glasses

Normally the content of the tank will be 2 ml, this is the legally permitted amount of e-liquid for an e-cigarette. Although the tank capacity is usually the same, the dimensions may differ per type of electric cigarette. So first check which type of damper it is, and buy the right glass for this. It is also recommended to choose branded products because the safety and vapor experience is then guaranteed.

What is Pyrex glass?

Pyrex is a brand of heat-resistant glass that has been around for a long time. It was once developed for use in the kitchen, think of heat-resistant dishes and measuring cups. These products are still available under this brand name. Because high temperatures are developed in e-cigarettes to produce the vapor, the glass is very suitable for this application. This material is used for the Eleaf Pyrex glasses.

Why replace the glass?

In principle, the glass does not need to be replaced often. If a crack forms or the glass is broken, it must be replaced immediately. Attack of e-liquid is not a problem in itself, but in the long run tastes can be deposited. This can be noticeable with changing types of e-liquid during the fumes. Eleaf Pyrex slides can in principle be replaced by yourself, if this is not clear, it is advisable to first contact the supplier for safe and responsible use.

Brand: Eleaf Model: Eleaf Melo 3 mini Pyrex glass
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