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Electric cigarette advantages and disadvantages

If you go to a vapor forum to look you will mainly read raving stories, where disadvantages of the electric cigarette are often not or hardly discussed. Nevertheless, there are certainly also disadvantages of vapors. To balance, we list here a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantages of the electric cigarette

Let's start with the negative aspects of vaping:

  • You must charge an e-cigarette: Unless it concerns disposable e-cigarettes you must indeed top up them. This is usually done via the included USB charger.
  • E-liquids can be dangerous: With black-trading e-liquids there are certainly dangerous options, such as oil-based THC liquids. For official products available in the Netherlands, there is no substance that is dangerous or illegal.
  • It contains nicotine, and that is addictive: There are e-liquids with and without nicotine. This substance is addictive but otherwise not harmful to health. So it is an option, you can also use vapors with 0% nicotine.

Advantages of the electric cigarette

Here are the positive aspects of vaping:

  • You do not get the same substances as soot and tar in your lungs: Evaporation is another process than evaporation in which the same carcinogenic substances are not released.
  • No harm to the environment: The vapor from an electric cigarette is not harmful to the people around you.
  • You can run down: You can vaporize nicotine from 20mg to 0mg, with as many variations in between as you want.
  • No dirty teeth and fingers: Vapors prevents that ugly attack on your body, so it's not just about the inside of your body.
  • Flavors: Do you dislike tobacco (anymore)? You can also choose chocolate, candy and fruit if you like.
  • Cheaper: If you include everything, vaping will usually be cheaper than smoking. That is healthy for the wallet again.

You see that there are more advantages than disadvantages. Is this because we are in favor of fumes, or because the facts are in favor of e-cigarettes? You can investigate that yourself!