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Electric cigarette and young people

Much has been said and spoken about vaping among young people. You can no longer see your eyes on school playgrounds because of the vapor, children opt en masse for sweet flavors and it is a step towards cigarette smoking. That is what we read, and what the numbers "prove". But is this reporting actually correct, or does it work differently in practice?

The figures in context

First, let's look at the hard facts. There are sometimes disturbingly high rates of youth vaping. It is usually not stated that a young person who has ever tried a puff is counted as a "user". Since most young people have also (secretly) taken a puff of a cigarette, those figures will also be terribly high. Figures do not say much if you do not know the method of measurement.

Is the electric cigarette a step towards smoking?

Although it is often assumed that vaping is a "gateway" to smoking, in practice it appears to be an "exit". Dampers who switch to smoking are hardly ever used in practice, smokers who go to fumes are much more frequent. This also applies to the use of the electric cigarette in young people. The e-cigarette has been invented as a safer alternative to smoking, and that is still the case.

And what about all those sweet flavors?

It seems suspicious that e-liquids manufacturers put all kinds of sweet and fruity flavors on the market, because kids like that. Yet young people appear to have little interest in these aromas. That is actually not surprising at all, because it is precisely this target group that will find a "strawberry muffin" e-cigarette not exactly "tough". It is the adult vapers who want something different than the boring tobacco. For many, the choice of flavors is the temptation to quit smoking, and that can only be a good thing.


The electric cigarette appears to be not popular at all among young people, and is also a popular alternative here for smokers.