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Electric pipe or electric cigar

Electric pipe or electric cigar

You probably know the electric cigarette, maybe an electric pipe or electric cigar is something for you. A selection of vapors is also available today. They not only approach the experience of smoking a pipe or cigar, they also have the appearance of the well-known tobacco products. Is an electric pipe or electric cigar vapors also something for you?

Note: We do not make recommendations regarding the best electric cigarette, pipe or cigar, we only provide information about the different products that are available.

Electric pipe or electric cigar?

Smokers of pipes or cigars often impose different requirements on tobacco products than cigarette smokers. Also the way of inhaling and blowing out is different. Although smoking a pipe or cigarette is often regarded as "less unhealthy", it will not soon be on the shelves with "health" products. In addition, there is the possible inconvenience for the environment, pipes and cigars produce good smoke clouds and odor. Can an electric pipe or electric cigar be the solution?

Electric pipe

Especially the smokers who want to switch to a damper often opt for a comparable model. An electric pipe is sometimes hardly distinguishable from "the real thing", or it must be a red light when the battery is almost empty. There are models available that are made of real wood, and in terms of appearance and use come very close to a traditional smoking pipe.

Electric cigar

A lot of attention is also paid to the appearance of the electric cigar. The only difference with a real cigar from Cuba is the fact that an e-cigar is never finished, and does not become shorter during smoking. A blink to cut the tip is also no longer necessary. Just as disposable e-cigarettes are for sale, it is also possible to order a disposable e-cigarillo.

Besides the appearance, the vapor experience with these products will also differ from e-cigarettes. As with electric cigarettes, electric pipes and electric cigars also work with clearomizers, coils and e-liquid.