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Electric smoking and nicotine

Electric smoking and nicotine

There are two stubborn prejudices about electric smoking and nicotine that keep popping up again and again. Firstly, it is often claimed that e-smoking is a healthy alternative to smoking, secondly it is often said that you become addicted to nicotine with electric cigarettes. Well, "vaping" is less UNhealthy that traditional cigarettes smoke, that does not make it a medicinal product straight away. Also the story about nicotine addiction is not ... always ... correct.

Note: We provide information about electric smoking and nicotine on this page. It is in no way intended to promote e-smoking!

Electric smoking with nicotine

The biggest difference between smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes "smoking" is the lack of burning when "vaping". You only inhale vapor, no tar and soot that burn in your lungs. Special eliquid is evaporated with a hot "coil" and thus enters your airways. You can see exactly which ingredients contain eliquid, which is not the case with tobacco and cigarettes.

The indication of the amount of nicotine in eliquids can not be compared one-to-one with the indication on a packet of cigarettes. The effective uptake by the body can also differ greatly between e-cigarettes. Many former smokers try to reduce their nicotine addiction with electric smoke by constantly reducing the concentration of nicotine in the eliquid.

Electric smoking without nicotine


You can also buy eliquid without addictive nicotine. A typical former smoker is not (yet) really into this, but for people who start with vapors this is an obvious choice. Why electric smoking without nicotine? You can decide for yourself, some people like those tastes and others love the ritual. Although the largest group of e-smokers who can not yet miss a dose of nicotine, it is certainly not necessary to buy eliquid with nicotine.

Electric smoking and nicotine seem inextricably linked, yet you can also buy eliquid without this addictive substance.