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Electric smoking in Europe

E-cigarettes a possible revolution for European health

A united Europe. There are many residents within the European Union who are not really enthusiastic about the work being carried out in Brussels. Proponents of electric fumes will be enthusiastic about the efforts to promote e-cigarettes as an alternative to cigarettes. In a debate, delegates from European member states turned out to be a lot more positive about fumes than a number of national politicians. Are e-cigarettes the revolution for European health?

Important public health issue

Giovanni La Via MEP indicated that the debate is important for public health. Compared to normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes appear to be less harmful. They would also play an important role in stopping smoking. And that fits perfectly with the ambition to help the EU get rid of smoking. It is also recognized that e-cigarettes do not encourage people to smoke. What is also very good to hear from the European Parliament is the premise that propositions are taken from scientifically proven facts. Responding to news messages in an impulsive manner is not an issue with regard to MEPs.

(Former) EU member Great Britain is ahead

Depending on the time you read this, the United Kingdom may or may no longer belong to the European Union. This country is among the leaders when it comes to e-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking. Instead of under the counter these products are displayed in full view in hospitals. That will not happen so quickly in Europe, the way in which products are offered for vaporizing corresponds to tobacco products. There you can see the gap in which the EU finds itself more often. Concessions are often made to keep all Member States satisfied. On the one hand, electric cigarettes may therefore simply be sold, but advertising or expressing a positive opinion is not permitted. Yet it is clear that the EU is positive about vapors, certainly in the fight against smoking.