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Electric vaping

Electric vaping

You read more and more about electric fumes. Is this an alternative for smoking cigarettes, is it a way to get rid of the nicotine addiction and is it actually healthy? Although there is more attention for electric fumes, it is not a new development, but for about fifteen years these products are on the market. It is high time to put a few facts in a row.

Note: No products are recommended on this page, electric fumes is a choice that everyone must make for himself.

What is electric fumes?

Although often the term "smoking" is used, you will "vapor" with an e-cigarette. A liquid called e-liquid is brought up to temperature by a coil, causing it to evaporate. You inhale this vapor. In addition to a smell and aroma, you can also inhale nicotine in this way. For electric fumes you need an e-cigarette, which are available in all kinds of types.

Is fumes better than smoking?

In the case of electric fumes, the same substances are not released that apply to combustion, such as soot and tar. As long as the e-liquid consists of the correct composition, no harmful substances will be present in the vapor. That makes vapors better than smoking, but it is not necessarily healthy.

Is there always nicotine in an e-cigarette?

For many ex-smokers the e-cigarette is a way to stop smoking, therefore e-liquid containing nicotine is often used. Different concentrations are possible, so you can reduce the nicotine level to zero if you want.

Electric fumes can be a completely different experience than smoking

Some e-cigarettes are no longer recognizable as a cigarette, with electronic displays, rectangular shapes and colorful prints on the device, a vapor-culture is created that stands on its own. Besides an experience like with cigarettes (MTL) it is also possible to get a water pipe effect with electric fumes (DTL).