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Electric vaping with e-cigarette

Electric vaping with e-cigarette

You do not have to explain the effect of a cigarette to anyone, even if you have never smoked before, it is quite clear how you should smoke. Electric fumes with e-cigarette is a mystery for many people. We look at the main similarities and differences on this page, and electrically fumes with an e-cigarette as well as other alternatives to smoking cessation.

Please note: Although we compare electric fumes with an e-cigarette with smoking and nicotine substitutes, this is not intended as a promotion for these products.

Electric fumes with e-cigarette is not smoking

Tobacco is burned when smoking, the smoke that is released is inhaled by the smoker. In addition to nicotine, this smoke also contains tar, soot and many other harmful substances. In the case of electric fumes, a liquid is heated, causing vapor. This vapor is also inhaled. The substances in this vapor are in principle not harmful to health, but the same addictive effect applies to e-liquids containing nicotine. Although the shape and operation of an e-cigarette may correspond to a cigarette, there are also very different models with different functionality.

E-cigarettes to stop smoking?

There are many smokers who want to stop this unhealthy habit. Particular attention is paid to the nicotine addiction. You can buy chewing gum, bandages and sprays that give you the same feeling. Yet there are also other factors that play a role in the addiction that has nothing to do with nicotine, such as the direct kick with a stick, something between your fingers and the social element. Electric fumes with an e-cigarette are very similar to smoking, but without the harmful substances that occur during combustion. You can start as a smoker with e-liquid containing nicotine and reduce the concentration. Then you can choose to continue or stop altogether.

Electric fumes with an e-cigarette appear to be normal smoking in many ways, but without the (most) harmful consequences.