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Even more deaths from poor air quality than from smoking

More deaths due to air pollution than to smokingEvery year, 7.2 million people on Earth die every year from the effects of smoking. The number of deaths from polluted air kills 8.8 million people every year. That would mean that the air around us is worse for health than smoking. Is there no point in quitting smoking, or is the situation somewhat different?

Losing years of your life through the air and smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, that there is a lot of air pollution will not come as a surprise. But the information that the air we all breathe is even more dangerous than smoking cigarettes will be striking to many. According to calculations worldwide, smoking subtracts 2.2 years from the average age. Dirty air means that we die an average of 2.9 years faster. So if you smoke and live in an environment with high air pollution, you will have lost 5 years of your life. It is a global average, so the numbers vary greatly based on where you live and how you live.

Big differences per country

In countries such as China and India, the number of deaths from air pollution is considerably higher than in European countries. Because it is a worldwide calculation, there will be large differences per country. The risk of premature death is also very different for smokers and non-smokers. The place where you live and the personal habits therefore play an important role.

How deadly is the air in the Netherlands?

Although Europe is still in pretty good shape worldwide, the Netherlands is one of the most polluted areas of this continent. Every year, 12,000 people die earlier than normal due to the effects of particulate matter in the air and other forms of air pollution. You can not easily avoid polluted air, quitting smoking seems like a better solution to win several years of your life.