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Everything you need to know about the Vaper’s Tongue

Everything you need to know about the Vaper’s Tongue

You've been vaporizing your favorite taste e-liquid for a long time. But over time you will not taste anything anymore. Has the quality of the product decreased, is there less aroma in the liquid or is there something else going on? There is a good chance that you will suffer from Vaper’s Tongue or a taste block. This is a common problem with dampers, fortunately it is a process that is reversible. On this page you can read everything you need to know about Vaper’s Tongue and how to get rid of it!

Note: On this page we explain how Vaper’s Tongue is created, and we provide tips for getting rid of it. It is not a promotion for electric smoking or for specific products.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

You experience taste with the taste buds on your tongue, and also with your nose. These receptors can detect sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami, with these five basic tastes you can taste an incredible amount of flavors. If you always consume the same taste, these receptors will become "blind" to that taste. With electric smoking we call this phenomenon Vaper’s Tongue, or a taste block in Dutch.

It is a natural phenomenon

Vaper’s Tongue means "the tongue of a damper", that does not mean that this taste block is unique for people who use e-cigarettes. It is a natural process that arises when someone often tastes the same taste. The receptors to the brain start to see this taste as "noise" and block it. It seems as if the taste is getting less and less, while it actually means that you no longer register the taste yourself. This process often occurs with smoking and fumes, because you often taste this taste throughout the day.

Does Vaper’s Tongue bother anyone?

There are users who after a few bottles of e-liquid already notice that the taste experience diminishes, it can also be noticeable even after months of use. There are also users who are not bothered by it at all. However, with everyone's taste sensation of the same aroma will decrease to a greater or lesser extent over time.

More vaping is not a solution

You can lift more often or build up the concentration of aroma, but these are not solutions for Vaper’s Tongue. Your receptors can no longer perceive this taste at a given moment, then it does not matter that the intensity of the same taste is higher. Fortunately there are methods to break this spiral.

What can you do against a taste block?

It is of course not intended that you steam and taste nothing, then you might as well not be able to steam anymore. Because in fact there is nothing wrong with your taste buds, only with the perception, it is possible to "reset" your tongue. You can try the following methods for this:

  • Try other flavors of e-liquid, menthol in particular can quickly remove the Vaper’s Tongue.
  • Spicy food will give your taste buds a big shock, this can help. Pay attention to this, because spicy products can permanently affect your taste.
  • Freshly ground coffee has a neutralizing effect on the sense of smell. For many people this is also a very pleasant scent.
  • You can also try e-liquid without aroma to bring your taste buds to neutral. You can then maintain the normal nicotine strength that you are used to.

There is no standard period before you can taste optimally again, be patient and vary with flavors before returning to your familiar aroma.

Variation in flavors is the most effective method to prevent Vaper’s Tongue. So it is not your e-liquid or e-cigarette that is due, and it is not a permanent problem.