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A good reason not to switch to an e-cigarette is the complexity of these devices. You will have to deal with loose parts, refilling and setting the resistance, which is a lot more difficult than putting a cigarette in between. The Exclucig e-cigarette is made exclusively for smokers who would like to switch to a less harmful alternative, but without all the bells and whistles. The Exclucig e-cigarette makes fumes easier than ever thanks to a sophisticated design that also looks fresh.

What makes the Exclucig e-cigarette special?

In the first place, this electric cigarette is available in some nice colors, and a neutral black version is also available. The design is not entirely like a cigarette, but again not as high-tech as some mods and boxmods from other manufacturers. It is a strikingly compact device that can also be purchased for a budget-friendly price.

To be honest, technically there is not much to say about this Exclucig e-cigarette. You can charge the built-in battery, there are no buttons, because you can take one immediately. You put a corresponding Pod in it and you do it! Maintenance is hardly necessary, the system does not spread unpleasant odors. There are various types of Pods available that are aimed at the traditional smoker. Adventurous vaporizers are better off buying another product, this electric cigarette is exclusively intended for transferers.

Are there any disadvantages?

You have been sentenced to Pods that are relatively more expensive than individual e-liquids. On the other hand, you won't waste anything because you don't have to fill a tank. Setting temperature or resistance is not an option, the Exclucig e-cigarette only delivers a standard MTL vapor experience. That does not have to be a disadvantage, this will be the reason for many to switch to electric smoking.

Brand: Exclucig Model: Exclucig Stylo Kit
The Exclucig Stylo Kit is the newest refillable pod mod from Exclucig. This podmod is: * Simple to use - plug & play system no buttons; * Clean - Does not leak, does not stink. * Ultra thin and compact design - Smallest and lightest pod ..
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