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ExcluCig E-liquids

Exclucig is a manufacturer specializing in e-liquids for electric cigarettes. Our priority is to provide consumers with the highest quality e-liquids for a good price. Innovation and quality are our top priority. Because our tastes lines are constantly evolving, we can offer the consumer a complete and innovative range.

The quality of our e-liquids is ensured and monitored through extensive market research with the view of wholesalers, retailers and end consumers play a major role.

We attach great importance to a clear and good contact between us and our customers. On our site you can find all information about our e-liquids. If you have any questions or comments regarding our products or other matters, please contact us any time.

Exclucig offers also guaranteed e-liquids that meet the current regulations. Think of a properly labeled with appropriate warning signs, the sensible triangle and MSDS / SDS documents for every taste and strength.