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The Flowermate brand does not want to compete with the many brands that produce mods and boxmods to vaporize with. Instead of e-cigarettes, they develop aromatherapy devices in which you can heat oils and herbs. With this, Flowermate does not make standard dampers, but devices that are aimed at users who would like to work with different aromas themselves, and who are ready for an experiment. Although the operation of Flowermate products does not have to be complex in itself, these vaporizers offer many setting options to determine the operation completely according to your needs.

No smoking but no fumes

The difference between smoking and fumes is not clear to everyone, yet it is very easy to explain. When smoking, a solid is burned, and when vapors, a liquid is evaporated. That is all, and therefore no harmful substances are released with vapors such as tar and soot. Depending on the product, nicotine may be present. Flowermate products leave the choice of liquid and solids to the user, because both options are possible.

How does Flowermate work?

Instead of a tank for e-liquid, there is a room for oil, herbs or some sort of wax. By heating these materials, vapor is created. There is therefore no incineration. The versatile design offers room for the user to create a completely personal vapor experience. It is therefore not a logical replacement for a cigarette, but a hobby article that challenges you to experiment.

Pay attention; vapor safe!

With standard e-liquids that are for sale in the Netherlands you know that the ingredients are safe and have been found suitable for internal use. Because you can evaporate almost anything in Flowermate, there is an increased risk of inhaling hazardous substances. Therefore stick to official products or make sure you know which ingredients are safe and responsible. For more information, please contact our team of specialists.

Product information As you can now expect from the FlowerMate brand, the Aura vaporizer is a stunning combination of high tech features and great performance for an affordable price. The ideal pen vaporizer, for people on a tight budget as well as the enthusiast looking for an excellent and ve..
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